News from the Geopark

"Franconian Lindworm" for the Grosser Inselsberg

In 2019 the new permanent presentation “Summit Meeting of Flora, Fauna and Fossils – The Inselsberg Exhibition with a View” was opened to the public in the lookouton top of the Grosser Inselsberg. The exhibition of the geology, fauna and flora of the Thuringian Forest has since attracted numerous visitors.

A life-size reconstruction of the "Franconian Lindworm" Plateosaurus engelhardti is scheduled to be installed near the exhibition building in autumn 2020. A Plateosaurus skeleton was found in 1932 in the Keuper-sediments of the Grosser Gleichberg in Römhild. The model aims to show how saurians evolved from the small native species that lived 290 million years ago to the dinosaurs from the 215 million year old Keuper (Upper Triassic).

In addition to the exhibition, you will find more information about fossils, e.g. the Giant Mayfly from the Rotliegend 300 million years ago, at the GeoRoute 1 "Long Haderholz Route" between Kleinschmalkalden and Floh-Seligenthal or about extinct volcanoes at the GeoRoute 8 "Tabarz Volcano Trail" in the Lauchgrund near Bad Tabarz. It's worth a visit!