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Friedrichroda: Grube Glückstern Mine Entrance to be Restored

The historic mining town Friedrichroda is the focal point of the self-guided GeoRoute 7, the "Friedrichroda Mining Trail". Nearly every step will take you to some remains of the historic mining activities such as mine entrances, abandoned quarries, tips, collapsed shafts amongst many others. One historically important mining relic in and around Friedrichroda is the entrance to the mine Grube Glücksstern at the Gottlob, which had collapsed several years ago. Thanks to generous subsidies from the Federal State of Thuringia and grants provided by the town Friedrichroda, work to restore this structure will be able to go ahead in Autumn 2020. Once construction work has finished, the Grube Glückstern mine entrance will provide a realistic view into the former tunnel and will give an impression of mining activities in the not too distant past of Friedrichroda. Already, we wish all involved a hearty "Glück auf!" – the traditional miner's greeting.