Local history parlour Frankenhain

Rocks are fascinating and careful inspection will reveal much about their formation. They may contain minerals or traces of long extinct animals and plants. These help us to find out the age and composition of the rock and learn about the geo-climatic, physical and chemical conditions at the time of formation.

The retired geologist Joachim Schubert assembled an impressive collection of rocks, minerals and fossils and donated it to the local history parlour Frankenhain. New additions ensure that the geological collection is constantly growing. In addition to rock samples from the area around Frankenhain the collection also contains exhibits from other regions in Thuringia, the Ore Mountains, Vogtland, Rhön, from Bavaria, the Rheinland and locations across the world.


Local history parlour Frankenhain

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Wednesday 15:00 pm – 17:00 pm and on demand

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