Geo- and pleasure trail

From beer to bratwurst

The Geo and Pleasure Trail connects the Hotelpark Stadtbrauerei Arnstadt with the 1st German Bratwurst Museum in Holzhausen. Along the circular hiking trail, starting and finishing at the Arnstadt brewery, large artistic sculptures by Arnstadt artist Christoph Hodgson illustrate the close connection between the natural environment and the culinary specialities of the region. At seven experience locations, you will learn interesting facts about the history and fertility of the local soils, which are the basic prerequisite for the development of our culinary traditions.

As records from the Jungfrauenkloster convent in Arnstadt show, the Rostbratwurst sausage was first mentioned in a document in 1404. Wheat beer followed more than 200 years later in 1617. The traditional Thuringian bratwurst has its roots in a landscape that is one of the oldest cultural landscapes in Thuringia. And for good reason: the fertile soil and mild climate enabled the region to be colonised early on. The Geo- and Pleasure Trail offers you fascinating views in all directions, not only over the Thuringian Burgenland Drei Gleichen, but also over the mountain ranges of the Thuringian Forest, Arnstadt and Erfurt. The species-rich and rare flora and fauna along the way also contribute to a special hiking experience.

Guided tours along the hiking trail offer both groups and individuals the opportunity to experience one of the most beautiful cultural landscapes in Thuringia.

Brief information

Length: approx. 16 km
Duration: approx. 5 hours
Total ascent: 370 m
Average uphill gradient: 4.1 %
Average downhill gradient: -5.1 %
Min. altitude: 271.50 m above sea level
Max. Altitude: 425.29 m above sea level

Start/finish: Arnstadt
Geo. Latitude: 50° 50` 2’ N
Geo. Altitude: 10° 56` 38’ E

Difficulty level:

Easy to moderate, sure-footedness and sturdy footwear are required, ideal for a day trip.


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