News from the Geopark

21 May 24

BROMACKERgeschichten for Download

Friedenstein Foundation Gotha

A creative writing workshop was held as part of the BROMACKER project in 2023. Pupils of various age groups from the…

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25 Apr 24

New offer for children in the Kittelsthal Dripstone Cave

‘Feldspar, quartz and mica - I'll never forget those three’(This saying only rhymes in German;-)

Some people will remember this saying from their…

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15 Apr 24

Enigmatic fossil Tambia spiralis is fossil of the year 2024

Ehrenstein Castle, Ohrdruf

The Palaeontological Society has named Tambia spiralis, a small, mostly spiral-shaped trace fossil that was first…

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15 Apr 24

Bergwaldprojekt e.V. honoured as an outstanding UN Decade project

Steinbach-Hallenberg OT Unterschönau

The Bergwaldprojekt e.V. receives the award for its work as an outstanding project in the UN Decade of Ecosystem…

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03 Apr 24

Tree planting campaign concludes successful ESD project in Ruhla


On 20 March 2024, an ESD project successfully implemented in 2023 by the town of Ruhla, the "Freetime" youth club and the UNESCO Global Geopark…

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27 Mar 24

Work to beautify Kittelsthal Dripstone Cave for the start of the season on 1 April

Rulha OT Kittelsthal

Last Saturday, 23 March, the Freundeskreis der Tropfsteinhöhle Kittelsthal e.V. once again demonstrated its commitment and…

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20 Mar 24

New leisure brochures published by Bus & Bahn Thüringen e.V.

Whether from north to south or from east to west - buses and trains take you comfortably and affordably to many popular destinations in the Thuringian…

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05 Mar 24

A miniature digger among the early saurians

Museum für Naturkunde Berlin & UNESCO Geopark Thuringia Inselsberg - Drei Gleichen

The Bromacker, a famous fossil site in the UNESCO Geopark…

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01 Mar 24

Brazilian visit to Mühlberg - Scientist researches Fritz Müller

Drei Gleichen OT Mühlberg

On 18 May 2022, the tourist information office in the Kulturscheune Mühlberg received a call from Pastor Matthias Müller –…

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01 Mar 24

Review of the WSA Dryland Sled Dog World Championships in the Thuringian Burgenland Drei Gleichen

Drei Gleichen

The WSA Dryland Sled Dog World Championships took place in the municipality of Drei Gleichen from 1 to 3 December 2023. The venues were…

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06 Feb 24

Consolidating the existing - developing the future

New cooperation agreement signed in Friedrichroda

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02 Feb 24

Something's happening - news about the Dripstone Cave Kittelsthal

Ruhla OT Kittelsthal

The Dripstone Cave Kittelsthal is still in hibernation, but planning for the opening of the season on 1 April is already in full…

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23 Jan 24

UNESCO-Geoparks - Updated brochure available

Bonn / Friedrichroda

The image brochure "UNESCO Geoparks - From Geological Heritage to a Sustainable Future" is now available in an updated form and…

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10 Nov 23

1st regional conference of the Thüringer Bogen 2023

Amt Wachsenburg OT Ichtershausen

On Wednesday, 8 November 2023, the 1st regional conference of the Thüringer Bogen took place in Ichtershausen, to…

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