Arrival and public transport

By local public transportation

Whether travelling from north to south or from east to west - buses and trains take you comfortably and cheaply to many popular destinations in the UNESCO Global Geopark Thuringia Inselsberg - Drei Gleichen. With a bit of luck, you can travel on the "Inselsberg Bus", which travels right across the Geopark region and advertises the highlights.

The largest railway station near the Geopark is Gotha main station. From here you can reach the sights by bus. From Eisenach main station, the western areas of the Geopark are particularly easy to explore by bus, bike and on foot.

Bicycles can be taken on local trains free of charge, subject to capacity. It is advisable to enquire in advance with the respective bus company if you wish to take your bike on the buses.

Plan your next visit to the Geopark here with the route planner from Bus & Bahn Thüringen e.V.

The flyer "Rennsteig West erFAHREN, Abschnitt Hörschel-Schmalkalden 2024" provides information about bus and train routes on the Rennsteig and in the Geopark, fares, excursion destinations and contains a detailed overview map.

Further suggestions for your next tour in Thuringia by public transport can be found in the brochure "Excursions by bus and train 2024“.

Your spa card is your ticket


Free public transport in the entire Inselsberg region

All holders of a spa card from the towns of Finsterbergen, Friedrichroda, Georgenthal, Bad Tabarz, Tambach-Dietharz with VMT validity and holders of a guest card from Floh-Seligenthal are entitled to use local public transport free of charge. These guests can travel on the Thuringian Forest Railway, Gotha city transport and Deutsche Bahn local trains.

The route network on which the spa card is valid as a ticket stretches from Schmalkalden to Oberhof and Gotha and includes VMT and MBB lines.

The well-developed route network in the district of Gotha and the district of Schmalkalden-Meiningen as well as the partnership of the transport companies in the Central Thuringia Transport Association are the best basis for the mobility of spa guests and holidaymakers.

Here you can download the fare zone maps for orientation:

The following bus routes apply: 831, 844, 846, 850-852, 856-857, 860-861

Waldbahn: 1-4, 6 Zug: 605, 606 in the VMT fare zones 700, 731-743, 745, 749, 751-754, 761-765

MBB Meininger Busbetriebs GmbH
A company of the Kreiswerke Gruppe

You can use all lines here.