Research in the geopark

Regular research excavations are carried out on a regular basis in the National GeoPark Thuringia Inselsberg – Drei Gleichen, to investigate the geological-palaeontological history of the Thuringian Forest and the Drei Gleichen region. Such projects form the basis for increasing general public awareness of the uniqueness of this landscape and the need to protect it. At the moment the research project at the famous Bromacker tetrapod fossil site has been resumed following a break of several years. This locality for Permian fossils is unique in Europe and promises to yield many new scientifically significant insights into the life and habitats of tetrapods on the supercontinent Pangaea.

Several research excavations have been or are being carried out in the Hartsteinwerk Bad Tabarz, in Schmerbach and in Finsterbergen amongst others. More information on excavation projects to be announced shortly!