Brotterode Children's Tour

GeoRoute 12

Earth secrets - georoutes for schools

When was the supercontinent Pangaea formed? What can you do with ores? What are sedimentary rocks? And how do I recognize them? Rockman explains these exciting questions on the large information panels specially created for children.  

This tour around and through the mountain village Brotterode is especially suited for lower grade school classes. The discovery tour also includes a quiz.

  • Distance / Category: ca. 8 km, Circular trail
  • Elevation: ca. 550 – 700 m above sea-level
  • Difficulty: easy – moderate
  • Trai characteristics: forest roads, sand gravel roads, paved footpaths in the towns, some asphalted sections
  • Geological stations: eight info panels provide basic knowledge about stones and minerals
  • Touristic stations: elementary school forest, nature trail, Inselberg bath, local history parlour, Inselberg jump
  • Information: Guest information Brotterode

Text: Bettina Aschenbrenner (PhD), Tourismusverband Thüringer Wald Gothaer Land e.V.

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