Brotterode Children's Tour

GeoRoute 12

Geheimnis Erde - Georouten für Schüler

When did the supercontinent Pangaea form? What can be extracted from ores? How is a sedimentary rock formed? And: How can I recognise it? The cairn explains these exciting questions on large, child-friendly explanatory panels. The tour leads through and around the mountain town of Brotterode and is particularly suitable for school classes in the lower grades. A quiz accompanies the children on their discovery tour.

  • Length / category: approx. 8 km, circular trail.
  • Altitude difference: approx. 550 - 700 m above sea level
  • Level of difficulty: easy - medium
  • Trail conditions: forest trails, sand-slurried gravel surface, paved footpaths within the village, bitumen surface
  • Geological stations: eight boards on this route provide basic information about stones and minerals.
  • Tourist stations: Primary school forest, nature trail, Inselberg baths, local history museum, Inselberg ski jump.
  • Information: Brotterode tourist information office

Text: Dr. Bettina Aschenbrenner (Tourist Association Thuringian Forest Gothaer Land e.V.)