GeoInfocentre at the Marienglashöhle

The topic of the exhibition at the Marienglashöhle is "Life 300 million years ago and today". This is shown in dioramas of fossil and present day habitats. This allows visitors to explore the 300 million year old "Gottlob Lake" and compare this with the diorama of the fauna-flora-habitat area (FFH) "Cumbacher Ponds".

The former gypsum mine "Marienglashöhle", once called "Herzog-Ernst-Stollen", was operational from 1778 to 1903. Here you will find in-depth information about the development of the Thuringian Forest and the more than 400-year old mining tradition around Friedrichroda. Geological windows left and right in the walls of the 110 m long entrance tunnel enable the visitor to look at the rock layers. Down on the lowest level of the mine lies the cave lake with beautiful reflections. Round off your visit in the tavern"Bergmannsstube“ or the inn "Waldgasthaus Sankt Marien“ and enjoy the traditional Thuringian cuisine.


GeoInfocentre Marienglashöhle

An der B88

99894 Friedrichroda

Telephone: 03623-304953

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Opening hours:

daily from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm