GeoMuseum at castle Ehrenstein

+++ OPENING 2022 +++


Visit the GeoMuseum in Castle Ehrenstein when it opens in 2022! Be fascinated by the historical Böttcher collection with many fossils and rock exhibits and dive into the Muschelkalk sea, which covered the area about 243-232 million years ago.

The focus of the geological exhibition is the work of Julius Böttcher (15.06.1886 - 07.11.1970), a local historian and founder of the Ohrdruf Local History Museum, who was particularly interested in the local Muschelkalk rocks and established a geoscientific collection of national importance.

This presents life in the Muschelkalk sea, as it is preserved in the fossil record in the rock deposits on the Ohrdruf training site. In addition to this the exhibition is also devoted to dinosaurs from the Muschelkalk period. Visitors can marvel at the large marine nothosaurs as a bridge to the Böttcher collection.        

The GeoInformationCentre of the National Geopark Thuringia Inselsberg – Drei Gleichen is located in the entrance to the museum. Here visitors will find general information about the geopark and local geotopes, GeoRoutes and tourist attractions.

As a reaction to the current SARS-CoV-2-pandemic, the opening of the GeoMuseum and GeoInformationCentre is scheduled for 2022.

You can already look forward to an outstanding and informative exhibition!


Schloss Ehrenstein

Schlossplatz 1

99885 Ohrdruf

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