Trusetal Mining Trail

GeoRoute 16

The Geology and Mining Trail Trusetal opens up a fascinating insight into the mining history of the region. The tourist mine “ Hühn“ is 500 m deep. Visitors are taken into the adit to see where miners extracted fluorite and baryte until 1990 with the narrow gauge railway “Hühn-Express“.

Along the trail, walkers can visit the impressive Trusetal Waterfall (natural monument). This wildly romantic waterfall was created in 1865. Between Easter and October the water from the river Truse is diverted over a porphyry and granite cliff, from where it falls 58 m in three cascades into a basin. From here the water returns to its natural river bed.

  • Distance / Category: approx. 22 km, linear walk
  • Elevation: approx. 360 – 580 m above sea-level
  • Difficulty: moderate – difficult
  • Trail characteristics: forest roads, some sandy gravel roads
  • Villages along the route: Steinbach, Bad Liebenstein, Bairoda, Laudenbach, Elmenthal, Auwallenburg, Trusetal, Hohleborn, Seligenthal, Floh, Reichenbach, Weidebrunn, Finstertal
  • Information: GeoInfocentre Tourist Mine "Hühn"

Text: Bettina Aschenbrenner (PhD), Tourismusverband Thüringer Wald Gothaer Land e.V.

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