Events at the Geopark

01 Mar 23

Guided tours of the "Hühn" visitor mine in Trusetal

From 1 March to 31 March 2023, special guided tours for groups of 6 or more take place in the "Hühn" visitor mine in Trusetal.

Pre-booking by phone:…

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11 Mar 23

New exhibition "Ähre wem Ähre gebührt" in Kulturscheune Mühlberg

Atelier Susanne Wawra is the new presence of the Thuringian-born artist who set out into the world to find art. After 15 years in Ireland, she now…

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14 Mar 23

Easter Holiday Programme 2023 Bad Tabarz

Dear children,

The Easter holidays are just around the corner. If you don't have any plans yet, you might find exciting events in Bad Tabarz that…

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24 Mar 23

Tambach-Dietharzer water history lectures: Ship lifts of the world - an overview

What is the fascination with ship lifts? The lecture answers this question with an overview in pictures of the long, international history of ship…

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25 Mar 23

Season opening in the Heimatstube in Brotterode

When? Saturday, 25.03.2023 with Fritz and Björn Müller

Meeting point: 10:00 a.m. at the old cottage, Obere Straße 41 (at the ice rink).


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05 Apr 23

On the trail of the early saurians from the Bromacker

Together we will go on a journey back in time to the Permian period 290 million years ago. Become explorers yourself, discover prehistoric times,…

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08 Apr 23

Kulturscheune Mühlberg: Exhibition "Colour Fantasies" by Jola Dette

Jola Dette has been a hobby painter for many years, she is an autodidact and has attended various painting courses over the years. She has the courage…

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09 Apr 23

Easter egg hunt in the Kittelsthal dripstone cave

The Easter bunny also hobbled through the stalactite cave in Kittelsthal on his way and lost a few eggs when he saw the great stalactites. We are…

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22 Apr 23

Mother Earth Day - guided tour of the Bromacker lab

Zum internationalen Mother Earth Day wollen wir bei einer Führung im Bromacker lab das Naturerbe der weltweit bekannten Fossilfundstelle am Bromacker…

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22 Apr 23

Philip Steuding: 10 months, 6 square metres, 22,354 km: With the fire brigade across the Caucasus to Iraq

In 2021, Lea and Philip set off for the East.  In their self-built, 33-year-old and bright red fire engine, affectionately called Wehri, the…

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20 May 23

Hike to the Kittelsthal Dripstone Cave

Hike with the Ruhla local group of the Rennsteigverein 1896 e.V. Hiking guide: Trautvetter family. Guests are very welcome. Participation in the hikes…

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20 May 23

Children's University: "The early saurians are coming!"

Dr. Mauro Alivernini, Geologist, UNESCO Global Geopark Thuringia Inselsberg - Drei Gleichen

In Thuringia, within the UNESCO Geopark, there is a…

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19 Aug 23

Drei(n)schlag 2023

At last the time has come again: on 19 August 2023, after a break of many years, the DREI(N)SCHLAG® will take place, the staging of the medieval…

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11 Sep 23

30+1 years of Kittelsthal Dripstone Cave

Anniversary event to mark the 30+1st anniversary of the reopening of Kittelsthal Dripstone Cave with an information offer of the Geopark.


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17 Sep 23

Geotope Day 2023

On 17 September 2023, the "Geotope Day" will take place nationwide. Museums, university institutes, the State Geological Offices, associations, show…

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The current distance and hygiene rules for the containment of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic apply to all events! Please inform yourself on site about any existing rules.