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GeoRoute 8 awarded as "Discovery Tour

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[Translate to en:] Übergabe des Zertifikates "Entdeckertour" an Herr Hellmann und Frau Ernst zur Caravan-Messe Düsseldorf

Bad Tabarz / Kassel

The Tabarzer Vulkansteig was awarded the title of "Discoverer's Tour" by the German Hiking Association on 31 August 2023 in Kassel. "Entdeckertour" is a new category of the seal "Qualitätsweg Wanderbares Deutschland". GeoRoute 8 in Bad Tabarz is the first GeoRoute in the UNESCO Global Geopark Thuringia Inselsberg - Drei Gleichen that has met the criteria of the German Hiking Association. The award is initially valid for three years and will then be reviewed again. The application to the German Ramblers' Association was significantly promoted and also implemented by the two local trail wardens Dieter Hellmann and Dagmar Ernst. The certificate was presented to the Geopark municipality of Bad Tabarz at the Caravan Fair in Düsseldorf on 2 September 2023.