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Something's happening - news about the Dripstone Cave Kittelsthal

Guided tour of the Dripstone Cave Kittelsthal .

Painting work on the lorry in front of the Dripstone Cave Kittelsthal . Photos: Freundeskreis der Tropfsteinhöhle Kittelsthal e.V.

Ruhla OT Kittelsthal

The Dripstone Cave Kittelsthal is still in hibernation, but planning for the opening of the season on 1 April is already in full swing. Because before the cave can open to visitors on Easter Monday, there is still a lot to do for the members of the "Freundeskreis der Tropfsteinhöhle Kittelsthal e.V.".

For example, a new signpost is to be erected at the entrance to the site to guide visitors to circular hiking trails and geotopes. An overview map of the circular hiking trail around Ruhla has already been installed at the ticket office. In addition, new seating is to be installed on the site to invite visitors to rest and linger. A general spring clean is also on the agenda of area manager Michael Simon to restore the cave area before the season. The association is looking forward to every helping hand at the work assignment on Saturday, 23 March.

It's not just the cave tours that await visitors on 1 April. The Easter Bunny has also hidden numerous eggs again. Other event highlights this year include

  •     the summer solstice festival on 20 June
  •     the autumn market on 3 October and
  •     the Barbara Festival on 4 December

Before then, the association will be represented at the Thuringia Exhibition in Erfurt on 27 February 2024 to promote the Dripstone Cave Kittelsthal with new leaflets and numerous activities. Information on the planned events, activities and the association itself can be found online on Facebook or on the Ruhla events page.

The current leaflet with information about the Dripstone Cave Kittelsthal is available here.

The Freundeskreis der Tropfsteinhöhle Kittelsthal e.V. is looking forward to a successful 2024 season.

Jessica Gorf
Public Relations Officer of the Friends of the Dripstone Cave Kittelsthal e.V.