Research drilling Hainfelsen

The starting signal has been given! The drilling rig has been on the Hainfelsen since 13 July 2022.

The drilling company Roßla from Berga has been drilling the first research borehole of the BROMACKER project. Now, every Wednesday, you have the opportunity to experience the work on the research borehole at first hand and to learn a lot of interesting facts about the geology and palaeontology of the Tambach Basin as well as about the core drilling technology.

In the schedule you will find all information about registration and the route.

We wish you many new and exciting discoveries in the UNESCO Global Geopark Thuringia Inselsberg - Drei Gleichen!

Here you can see the drilling rig in action on the Hainfelsen (click video to start). On Wednesday, 20 July, a depth of 46.60 m was reached and the first cores have already arrived in Jena for scientific examination.

Video: N. Kasch PhD