Minerals and ores of the Trusetal district

The southern Thuringian Forest looks back on a mining history that goes back a long way, which began as early as the Carolingian period with the collection and smelting of bog iron ores. When these near-surface deposits were exhausted, mining for iron ore began, which developed into an important branch of industry in the region around Schmalkalden. However, not only iron and manganese ores, but also heavy and fluorspar as well as gypsum and anhydrite became the focus of interest with industrialisation. The century-long era of mining in the region came to an end in 1991 with the cessation of fluorspar and barite mining in the Trusetal district. The mines were preserved up to and including 1996.

The mining history of the southern Thuringian Forest can be experienced in the "Hühn" visitor mine in Brotterode-Trusetal and on the Trusetal mining trail (GeoRoute 16).